Hi, I'm Jose ✌🏻

Software Architect & Team Lead

I am a human that enjoys solving complex problems with software. I started by learning how to program, but curiosity is one of my natural traits, so I quickly became interested in software design, quality and architecture.

I have a deep passion for learning but also teaching and mentoring. Being part of someone else's growth is an amazing experience, and I really like to do that both professionally and in my free time when possible. I have been teaching software development for as long as I have been creating software myself.

During my career I have taken part in every step of the product lifecycle. I am experienced in requirements engineering, architecture, implementation, maintenance, deployment and more, and have experience working as a team leader, as a team member and also as a one-man-army.

My skills on designing, creating and delivering software are complemented by knowledge on many other related fields, both technical and non technical. If you need someone to turn your ideas and strategies into actual, deliverable software that works and is up to your quality standards, you have just found the right person.

Thanks for your interest 🙂 feel free to contact me.