Hi, I'm Jose ✌🏻

I design and develop software and cloud solutions,
and help people get started and improve at doing it.

I'm a human being with a passion for technology, and have been using computers for more than 20 years now. When connected to the Internet, the posibilities they bring are endless and I think we are just scratching the surface.

I'm a really curious person, and have a deep passion for learning. I started by teaching others of what I was learning, and later started creating websites and online communities, for me and for others as a self employed. Later, I taught myself IT and software engineering in order to take that to the next level. And I did.

Now, I've become the person others come to ask the "How can this be done...?" or "Is this even possible? How would we build that?" type of questions. I give them answers in a variety of diferent ways: which the pieces are and how they fit together (you'd call this Solutions Architect), how each piece is going to be built and who's going to do it (Software Architect), leading some fellas to build them (Team Leader), building them myself (Developer) or teaching others how to build them (Mentor and/or Teacher). I am useful as a one-man-army, but better with an actual team.

I have taken part in every step of the product lifecycle, from requirements to maintainance, and have knowledge and experience in many related fields, both technical and non technical. I thus have a broad, strategic perspective on software and understand the value chain from stakeholders to end users.

One of the greatest things of our industry is that there are always new challenges. New technologies come into play often and usually make it possible to deal with problems from new perspectives. Although quite demanding, it's also rewarding. Can you imagine what will be achievable next year? I'd love to take part on it!

If you have made it to this point, thanks for your interest 🙂